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Oak Socks Special Edition

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Oak Socks is a product that you will very soft and nice. Oak sock is a wet sock with great designed seams and soft neoprene material. Let your own body heat keep the temperature around your feet and do not let the cold stop you!

Oak Socks have many color alternatives!

Here is the Stock 2021-01-25

Artikel: XS S M L XL

Czech design, black (picture nr 2) 3


Funäs Design (picture nr 1)

1 1
Fjällkryss (picture nr 3) 2
3 2

During christmas socks can run out of stock fast, this is a file where you can check the status of the stocks at the moment! If you order socks that are out of stock - you will be asked via mail to change color/size. :)

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